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Office Relocation Employee Rights

Business owners choose to relocate their offices for many reasons. They may want to lower their rental expenses, get better business growth opportunities, etc. Sometimes, it’s necessary to create a new branch or merge two companies.

Why your office move needs a project manager

Moving offices can feel like a full time job. From telling staff,
organising timelines and buying furniture, the process can become extremely time consuming. This is why we recommend using a project manager to run the move, so you can focus on running your company.

Benefits of office relocation

You may think that relocating your office following a period of growth for your company is just a necessary and time-consuming evil. However, there are many benefits to moving your business, from improving productivity to attracting new clients.

How to tell employees about an office move

Securing a new office space is often a huge relief for company owners, but your staff may be less than happy about changes to their routines and commutes. Here are our tips for breaking the news in the best way; making sure your team are just as excited as you are.