Office Clearance Services Built On Sustainability

The Evolve Relocation approach to office clearance

  • Resale - Selling cleared items whenever possible, eradicating waste and lowering your costs
  • Reuse - Donating furniture, IT and equipment to those who need it most: charities, schools, and social enterprises
  • Recycle - Separating waste into plastics, paper, metals and glass to improve recycling rates
  • Waste-to-Energy - Sending items to be used as fuel for renewable energy, furthering our commitment to sustainability

Eco-friendly commercial property clearance

Our eco-friendly office clearance service promotes a zero landfill waste approach. Everything in your office will be cleared — furniture and electricals included. Any assets in good, working condition will be resold or donated to charitable causes as appropriate.

To guarantee your project’s sustainability, Evolve Relocation is 100% transparent, and able to provide full post-clearance environmental reports, which calculate the amount of CO2 that has been saved through reuse.

Saving the planet and saving you money

Our clearance methods comply with EU legislation and allow you to fulfill your legal duty of care as a business. Any money made from reselling your cleared items will be directly offset against the cost of your job, reducing waste, and reducing your final bill. To find out what your items could be worth, send a photo inventory to us before the job and we will provide a quote.

All materials can be cleared

We will clear any unwanted items, including furniture, waste electrical & electronic equipment (WEEE), bulky items, heavy items, and general waste. Our London office movers can even take dangerous items like fluro bulbs, paints and solvents, disposing of them safely and efficiently. When the Evolve Relocation team leaves the office, it will be cleared completely. office being cleared

Office Clearance case studies

All materials cleared

We take away all redundant and unwanted items, from furniture and WEEE to bulky and heavy items such as safes and general waste. We can even deal with hazardous items, such as paints, solvents and fluro bulbs. The office is left completely clear and tidy.

Eco friendly + compliant

With a commitment to reuse and recycling, our sustainable approach constitutes best practice. We provide post clearance Environmental Reports that calculate the CO2(e) saved through reuse. We also donate furniture and other items to good causes, such as charities, social enterprises and schools.

Office moves within your budget

Our transparent pricing and quotes mean our project managers will complete your move to a high standard without exceeding your budget.

Comprehensive Range of Office Clearance services

Asset purchase

We buy assets such as furniture, IT, catering equipment and machinery. Simply send us an inventory along with photos (where possible) and we’ll let you know what we can offer.

Office moves

We make moving office easy. With dedicated project managers and experience professional staff, we provide a detailed plan and ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

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Project management

Our experienced project managers make sure even the most complex of moves run smoothly from start to finish.

Secure data destruction

We provide on-site and off-site data destruction options for paper, hard-drives and other media. With a variety of methods, such as physical destruction, shredding and software wiping, we always provide certification and an audit trail.

WEEE clearance

We dispose of electricals and electronic equipment sustainably, ensuring that any personal and private company data on unwanted equipment is securely destroyed.

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