IT Recycling & WEEE Disposal

Safe, Secure, and Sustainable IT Reuse and Recycling

  • Eco-friendly – All IT clearance is WEEE compliant with zero landfill waste
  • Secure - All data destruction is fully-certified
  • Cost-effective - We resell IT hardware to take money off your bill

WEEE clearance

Disposing of electricals and electronic equipment can be difficult, but as a business, you have a legal duty of care to do so in a sustainable and sensitive way. The term WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) became widely used after the EU’s 2007 WEEE directive made computer recycling compulsory. Our project managers make sure all projects comply with this directive, and provide full certification of destruction.

Secure data destruction

Removing personal and private company data from old devices is essential for any business. Failure to do so could breach data protection laws, and open up your business to fraud. We can also safely remove confidential data from old PCs and hard drives, keeping your company’s confidential information and personal details safe. Our IT recycling services include physical destruction, shredding, and software wiping, and we always provide certification as evidence of data removal.

Reselling IT equipment to save you money

We will sell on any IT devices or computer parts that are in working order to minimise environmental impact. Upon sale, we will deduct any profits from your bill, meaning every resold electrical saves you money.

IT equipment

Comprehensive Range of IT and WEEE clearance services

Asset purchase

We buy assets such as furniture, IT, catering equipment and machinery. Simply send us an inventory along with photos (where possible) and we’ll let you know what we can offer.

IT relocation

Evolve Relocation’s expert IT engineers offer support during the move, ensuring IT equipment is kept safe and data loss is prevented.

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Office moves

We make moving office easy. With dedicated project managers and experience professional staff, we provide a detailed plan and ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

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Project management

Our experienced project managers make sure even the most complex of moves run smoothly from start to finish.


Our commitment to sustainability allows us to adopt a zero-to-landfill approach to office moves. Whether it’s purchasing suitable assets or donating unwanted furniture, we aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

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