Is it cheaper to hire movers on weekdays

Most of the time, movers are cheaper on weekdays because most people prefer to move during the weekend. This article explores some of the advantages of moving on weekdays.

Yes, it is cheaper to move on weekdays compared to weekends. Most movers tend to charge lower rates during weekdays as most people prefer to move during the weekend. Moving on a weekday has its own set of advantages and disadvantages;

mover packing boxes

Advantages of moving on weekdays 

Weekday moves are often offered at discounted prices by most moving companies. It is a considerable option if you are looking to save some coins during your move. You also need to consider the number of movers you’ll need because this will ultimately affect the overall cost.

The free schedule of movers during weekdays will serve as an advantage for both the mover and the client. Weekends have both parties trying to find a suitable time for the move. This will in turn make the entire move process much faster.

A weekday move will allow you to have easier access to utilities that aren’t easily available on weekends. These include finding issues with your water, electricity or internet. Such inconveniences will be easier handled on a weekday as most of these services are easily available on weekdays. 

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Disadvantages of moving on weekdays

If you are not working from home, then moving on a weekday will have you taking some time off work for the move. If you are a casual worker then you should consider the effect of missing work for the move. 

For parents with school kids, you will have to work around the pickup time from school which will significantly chip off from the moving time. It is best to make suitable prior arrangements or wait to move during the weekend.

It is best to consult with your moving company before the move so you can get an accurate quote on the cost of moving during a weekday and a weekend so you can make an informed decision on when to move.