How to help movers

Helping movers will ensure that everything goes swiftly and as planned. Here’s how you can help your movers during a move.

As much as you are paying your movers to move your stuff, there are ways you can help them out to ensure that everything is done faster and more effectively. However, you should avoid getting in the way and let them handle things professionally. Here’s how you can help your movers.

woman carrying a box

1. Do the lighter tasks

Most moving companies have policies where they prefer if their staff do all the work by themselves but you can help by taking up some of the lighter tasks. This can include packing some of your personal items, unplugging the electronics or emptying your dresser. This will however depend on whether you want the movers to move your dresser with clothes in it or not. Another light task you can do is packing any live plants that you might have in your home.

2. Give them a tour of the house

Whenever you hire movers, you first need to give them a tour of your house so that they can have an idea of what they’re working with. This will also help them determine what room they’ll start removing stuff from first. At this point, you can also tell them if there are any items that require special handling.

3. Offering them refreshments

Moving is a pretty exhausting task especially if it involves moving heavy items. Offering your movers some refreshments or snacks will help them feel rejuvenated because they’ll regain some energy. This will however depend on whether the movers will accept what you offer. Either way, it’s a great gesture.

woman serving cold drink

4. Give packing instructions

Having clear communication between you and your movers is crucial for any move. You can give packing instructions before they start everything especially if you have any items that need special handling. This will also help your movers work more effectively thanks to your input.

5. Clear the path

You can help clear the path for your movers by decluttering in advance. This means they won’t have to manoeuvre through any clutter as they move stuff and it will also be easier for them to load stuff into their truck. It will also result in the move taking a shorter duration.

6. Keep pets and children away

Another way to help your movers is by keeping any children and pets away during the move because they can be a tripping hazard. This way, none of them will be in harm’s way or derail the move in any way.

7. Pack and clearly label your stuff

If you were packing your stuff for yourself, it would be very helpful to your movers if you did this in advance and also labelled everything clearly to avoid any confusion. If you have hired movers to also do the packing, you’ll have less to worry about. Everything will also be swifter because you’ll have a team of experts handling your items so all you have to do is give any necessary guidance.

man disassembling furniture

8. Disassemble items in advance

If it is something you don’t mind doing, you can choose to disassemble things in advance before your movers arrive. This can include things like your bed, sofa or any other type of furniture that needs to be disassembled. This will significantly reduce the amount of work that needs to be done.