How many movers should I hire for my move

You will need at least two movers to ensure a smooth and timely move. This will make work move much faster and provide even the heavy items are handled more carefully.

The process of moving is often quite hectic for most people especially if you have a lot of stuff that needs packing. That is why hiring professional movers is essential if you want the whole thing to be less of a burden. The number of movers you need is predetermined by several factors.

two movers at work

Factors to consider when deciding on the number of movers

There are several things you need to have in mind that will impact the number of movers you’re going to need for your move. They include the following;

Size of the house

A bigger house will mean that you will need more movers compared to someone moving out of a studio apartment. A larger house will have structures like stairs which will require a bigger team of around five people to get the task done in time. You can consider hiring movers to pack for you if you want things to go more swiftly. Dealing with a smaller house will, on the other hand, require a smaller team.

The size of the furniture

Some household items and furniture are way too heavy to be lifted by two people. If you have things like a pool table, cabinet or armouries which cannot be carried by two people, then you will have to add more manpower. In such instances, you can hire movers to move one item. This will also help ensure all your heavy items are intact as the chances of breakages are reduced especially during loading and unloading from the moving trucks.

movers using straps moving sofa down the stairs

Ease of getting to your house

If you live in an apartment and movers have to navigate long flights of stairs to get to your house, then it will require more movers. Carrying furniture to a difficult-to-access home will take longer and also be more tiresome because of all the obstacles. It is significant to note that most movers charge an hourly rate and the moving cost will also be slightly higher compared to an easily accessible house. 

Distance to your new location

If you are relocating to a place that is far from your current residence then it is best to hire only a few personnel. This will help to reduce the general cost of moving as time spent travelling is also charged unless a fixed rate was agreed upon. 

Whether household items are pre-packed

In case you decide to pre-pack all your stuff beforehand, you will not need many movers as the only task will be loading the items onto the truck. This will save both time and money for the client as most of the work will already be done. If your items are not packed, it will take a bit more time and you might need to add on the number of movers especially if you are working on a tight schedule.

office mid process in moving

Table representation of the number of movers you’ll need

Below is a table showing the approximate number of movers you will need depending on the size of your home and the amount of time they are likely to take.

Size of the homeNumber of moversHours taken
One two4
Over fivefive to six8-9

Hiring professional movers is the only way to be sure you will move without having to deal with a migraine after the day is done. Also, ensure you attend to all the little details carefully to avoid any inconveniences that may come if everything is not done to perfection.