How long do cross-country moves take

Movers take between two days to two weeks for a cross-country move. This article looks at some of the factors that will impact this duration.

On average, a cross-country move will take between two days to two weeks. The time taken will vary depending on the mode of transport being used and the distance to the new residence. You should ensure that you get a reliable mover to avoid any disappointment.

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Factors impacting the duration of a cross-country move

From the type of mover you choose to the distance to the final destination, there are several things that impact how long your move is bound to take. They include the following.

Distance to your new residence

The distance from your old residence to your new residence will have a big impact on how long the move will take. You should ensure your movers are notified in advance about the distance you will be moving so they can arrange for the proper means of transport. In case you have a consistently busy schedule then it is best to set aside enough time to focus on the move and ensure everything is in order. 

Slow moving traffic

Getting stuck in traffic can result in a long delay in the entire cross-country move. It may take several hours for a single line of traffic to clear and in case of accidents, it may take even longer for the traffic jam to clear. The movers should find alternative routes to ensure traffic jams are avoided as much as possible. 

Mechanical issues such as the moving vehicle breaking down can also lead to delays in the move. The best action in such instances is for the movers to notify the client of the delay in advance to allow them to adjust their schedule appropriately. 

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Bad weather

You should always keep in mind that natural phenomena like storms may occur and cause significant delays. In most instances, such occurrences are beyond our control but it is best to prepare ahead. Ensure you take a look at the weather forecast of both your current residence and the place you are moving to. This is to avoid instances like road closures and flooding which will affect the move. 

If you are planning to move during winter, when movers’ rates are usually lower, then you should keep in mind the risks associated with winter moving. This will help you have a clearer picture of how to expect the move to go. 

Stopovers to be made along the way

Most moving companies tend to consolidate multiple shipments when doing cross-country moving. This is aimed at maximising each trip and serving as much clientele as possible. With this in mind, ensure you know the route which will be used by the movers and consult with the moving company as to how soon you are to expect your stuff to reach you. 

If your items can fill the entire trailer, the move is expected to be much quicker as yours will be the only stop. The number of different shipments being made will eventually determine how quickly your shipment will reach you. The number of movers on board will also determine how fast the move is because they will distribute the tasks among themselves.

Driving laws

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The delivery time will be highly affected by the driving laws as no movers can drive directly to your new residence. This is because of laws limiting the amount of time which movers can be on the road due to safety reasons.

The drivers are required to take rest after certain periods. The best thing to do is to keep in touch with the moving team so you are well aware of the delivery status. You should also ensure that you are present before the movers arrive. This ensures any confusion is avoided during the unloading process and they don’t have to wait for you to arrive.

Although cross-country moving is sometimes frowned upon or considered to be too complicated, hiring the right moving company ensures that the load is lifted off your back. Finding movers with good customer reviews will up your chances of having a good move without any stress. Discussing the move beforehand will help your mover give you a more accurate estimate of the duration it will take.