Tips on how to pack for moving office

Moving an office means you have to pack, unpack and organise a new workspace. Use the moving tips to prepare for an office move successfully.

Sometimes business owners need to move their offices. None ever said that moving office was easy. Planning and organising an office move can be stressful and challenging, particularly if you do this for the first time. Things will go smoothly if you know how to pack for moving. Follow packing tips to get a better understanding of the packing and moving process.

How do you pack for moving

The best way to pack for moving is to find a moving company and prepare all the necessary packing supplies. You should plan everything carefully and create a checklist in advance.

The way you pack household items is similar to the way you pack office items. You will find it easy to pack for moving an office if you have experience in moving a house.

Ensure that you have all the necessary packing materials, packing bags, packing tape, stretch wrap, plastic wrap, and cleaning supplies.

Employers need to follow employee relocation rights during an office move. Once you decide to move your office, inform your employees about your plans. Ask employees to help you with packing tasks.

You should aim to get rid of clutter before getting started with office relocation in London. Put the clutter in garbage bags and remove them beforehand. Use services of a removals company.

The studies show that 6 of 10 people find office relocation stressful. Movers will help you make the packing process easier. Movers can help you with different types of moving and packing tasks. They will pack and move all your items to a moving truck and unpack your plastic bags after office relocation is complete. Now, let’s try to find out how to pack boxes for moving.

Don’t pack more than one room at a time. Pack one room after another. This will help you sort your items and find them in a new office quickly.
When you pack for office relocation, pay close attention to the first aid kit. Put it in a visible place in your truck. Make sure that you’ll find it quickly after relocation.

Don’t rush when moving an office. It’s better to start planning a move earlier than later. Begin to pack 6 weeks before your moving day.

mover packing a box with tape
mover packing a box

How to pack boxes

The best way to pack boxes for moving is to use packages of the right size. Prepare big and small boxes. Pack heavy items in small packages and light items in big ones.

Do you want to pack heavy and light items in one box? In this case, you should put heavy items at the bottom and light items at the top of a package. Packing a box this way helps prevent damaging breakables.

Make sure that items can’t move freely in a package. A package shouldn’t have any empty spaces. Use paper to fill in any gaps in a package if necessary. It’s one of the efficient ways to pack a box.

On the other hand, you should never overload your bags. Label your boxes before you begin to pack your stuff. In this case, you will know what items are included in each package.

Once you relocate your office to a new place, you may also need office fit out services in London.

If you would like to go green with a new office, then you will have to consider sustainable office refurbishment.

Have you packed all your items? Load all packed bags to a moving truck. Now, it’s time to get an understanding of how to pack furniture for moving.

office chair packed in with bubble wrap

How to pack furniture

Packing furniture is an important part of moving an office. You have to know how to pack office furniture in the right way.


It’s crucial to pack wooden furniture in the right way. During an office move, you have to use either a moving blanket or protective slipcover to wrap a chair. By doing so, you’ll manage to avoid damaging a chair during transportation.


It’s pretty easy to damage mirrors during an office move. You will manage to transport mirrors safely if you pack them properly. Use plenty of wrap and several moving blankets to pack mirrors for relocation.

How to pack electronics for moving

You also need to prepare moving boxes for office electronics. Take advantage of packing hacks as well as moving tips to transport office electronics in the best possible way. Start with an IT checklist so the move goes smoothly.


You can pack PC in moving boxes and TV boxes. When you pack a computer, it’s necessary to remove cables from a device and discs from a drive. Use paper padding, moving blankets and packing tape to transport a computer in a safe way.


The same packing tip works for printers. You need to remove cables, power cords and cartridges from a printing device. Pack them in a bag or container. Use a packing tap to wrap a printing machine. Office movers in London pack printers in sturdy boxes during office moves.

Microwave oven

You can use either towels or blankets to wrap microwave ovens. After that, you have to secure wrappings with scotch tape.

large office television, TV

How to pack a television for moving

Many offices have TVs. The way you have to pack TVs for moving depends a lot on its type. There are different types of TVs, including big screen TV, LCD TV, flat screen TV, etc.

Flat TV screen

The best way to pack a television with a flat screen for moving is to pack it in the original box. If you can’t find original packages for some reasons, you can pack flat screen TVs in cardboard boxes. Moving companies recommend using wooden crates to transport flat screen TVs.

Big TV screen

It’s necessary to double-box TVs with a big screen. Initially, you have to pack a big TV screen into a box that’s padded with packing paper. Then, put the box with this type of TV into another box.

How to pack fragile items for moving

Transporting fragile items can be challenging. Things will go smoothly on a moving day if you pack these types of items properly. According to the expert office moving tips, it’s incredibly important to build a cushion base for items and wrap them with bubble wrap, toilet paper, towels and other types of soft materials.

Lamps and lampshades

It’s a good idea to add several layers of wrap to a lamp and then secure it with masking tape. It’s incredibly important to secure the bottom of a lamp. You have to project manage an office move and ensure that lamps can’t be packed separately from lampshades.

Table lamps

You can pack a table lamp for moving the same way. Put wrapped lamps into boxes. Pick the packing boxes that fit the lamp base perfectly.

Glass vases

A need to pack dishes and vases may arise during an office move as well. You can pack this type of vases in a wardrobe box. It’s enough to roll the vase across a sheet of bubble wrap. It would be better to transport vases vertically.

How to pack artwork for moving

Business owners choose to decorate their offices with artworks. It’s important to pack artwork correctly to relocate it to another place in a safe way. Let’s get insights into easy ways to pack artwork for moving.

Canvas paintings

Paintings of this type are a great way to decorate an office. When you relocate an office, you should wrap all your paintings with care. It’s not recommended to pack several paintings as well as images with photo frames together.

Large framed pictures

The best way to pack framed pictures for moving is using special picture boxes. You can wrap artworks on paper. Then put wrapped art pieces in frame boxes. Use cardboard to separate them during transportation.

Fine art

The art items require special care during office relocation. When you pack art pieces, make sure that you have a protected painted face of the picture. Use padding to protect the artwork.

loading a container into a truck

How to pack a truck for moving

You can use either an automobile or a special van to move your office. You need to get your vehicle ready for moving. Learn how to pack a truck and relocate office items to another place successfully.


To pack a van correctly, you need to use space in the right way. You should load heavy items into a vehicle first. After that, you have to put lighter items on the top. If you pack office furniture, try to avoid gaps between items. You have to be very careful with fragile items. Don’t put them in heavy packages.


To pack a car for moving properly, you have to follow moving tips. It would be better to pack all items in bags. An automobile has limited space. That’s why you have to pack the most important items first. And of course, you have to clear a vehicle properly inside and outside before loading it with office items.

Moving an office can be easy

Some people believe that office relocation is always difficult. This is not the truth. Things will go easy on your move day if you get ready for it properly. You will find it easy to do unpacking and organise a new office if you do everything in the right way.