Office Refurbishment Ideas

Office refurbishment allows employers to design a comfortable, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient working environment and get the most out of space.

Many business owners choose to refurbish their office space and they do this for a good reason. They aim to make their offices more energy efficient, maximise office space, get more natural light and improve the productivity of their teams. This type of renovation positively affects business reputation as well as the brand. Renovating offices can be challenging. Get the best office refurbishment ideas that will meet your budget and keep your employees happy!

modern office

Create a sustainable office

When renovating your office, you should aim to create a sustainable workplace. A sustainable office means that an employer takes care of employees. You should make smart choices to create a sustainable office. 

Go green and give a preference to the modern eco-friendly solutions to design a sustainable office environment for your team. Increase natural light, improve your workplace ventilation and use sustainable materials as well as sustainable office furniture that can be recycled. It would be better to pick furniture that is made of 100% recyclable plastic. There are many other office fit out ideas for a comfortable and sustainable workplace.

Improve employee experience

Providing better employee experience has to be the number one priority for every company that specialises in office refurbishment and commercial fit out services in London. If employees are happy with their workspace, they will do a an excellent job for their employer and the productivity of a team will increase significantly.

office with storage space
office with a plenty of storage space

Maximise space with smart storage solutions for your office

There is evidence that clutter affects work productivity and business growth. A de-cluttered workplace has a huge positive impact on employee focus and team performance. Smart storage solutions have become a popular productivity-enhancing trend. With multi-functional furniture and storage units, your office will look well-organised. The space-saving solutions of this type allow business owners to reduce stress among employees, create a better environment and help a team achieve better results.

Build a positive company culture

The use of the Internet is constantly growing. Communication plays a very important role in collaboration today. Office refurbishment makes it possible to create a positive company culture. Employees feel that they are a part of a successful working team in the renovated office space.  

Encourage ethical behaviour at work

Secular working spaces are losing their popularity while collaborative areas have become a popular trend. Small changes to office design can make a big difference. If office furniture is placed in the right way, it has a positive impact on people and their teamwork abilities.

Improve workspace branding with office fit out ideas

Office design is a part of the brand. Refurbishment allows business owners to brand office spaces. When renovating office space you should implement a brand into the working environment. Create interiors that correspond to your brand and the company’s goals.

contemporary office space

Use office space wisely

Business owners all over the world try to maximise their spaces. They aim to use less space and try their best to increase their productivity. As a result, businesses save money on the rental of office space and increase their earnings.

Add homely touches to an Office

An office is a place where employees spend a lot of time. That’s why employers should make their office environment feel cosy. There are plenty of office renovation ideas for a comfortable workspace. Add homely touches to an office to create interiors that your employees will love.

Use bright or textual influences in office design

Colours have an impact on abilities, feelings, and the mood of employees. Vibrant colours constantly gain popularity. There are many ways to fit bright or textual influences into a working environment. With this type of office refurbishment, you will refresh your office and add personality to your workplace.

Implement Agile Working

Agile working has become extremely popular over the last few years. This style has many great benefits. Flexibility is a significant advantage. According to the remote work statistics provided by FlexJobs, up to 81% of workers would be happy to have a flexible schedule. You can work from home and visit the office when it is necessary. You can decide when, where, and how to do the job. 

Those individuals who prefer to work remotely may feel lonely and isolated from the other team members. They often use the services of a home improvement contractor to set up a home office for remote work. That is why the importance of in-person communication should not be underestimated. A lot of business owners choose to do office refurbishment to fit an agile style into their spaces. Hot-desking becomes an essential component of modern life. The idea is that workers have no assigned desk. They can choose the available desk. Workers can move around the office and communicate with other team members.

office furniture
custom made furnitures for offices

Add Custom-Made Furnishings to an Office 

Customising furnishings to meet the needs of your workers is a great way to show that their comfort matters. With custom-created furnishings, your office will stand out from the crowd.

Custom-made furnishings will make your team members happier and healthier. Customised chairs can be designed in a way that gives workers more comfort.

There is a wide range of custom furnishings you can choose for your office. These include:

  • cabinets
  • lounge chairs
  • shelves
  • sofas 
  • standing desks
  • tables

Ask experts to help you create unique furnishings for your space. When doing refurbishment, you will be able to select the style, colours, materials, and features of your furnishings. Every detail is essential when it comes to furnishing your office. You can be sure that customised furnishings will perfectly fit your office and last for many years.

Renovate Your Office in the Best Possible Way!

Office renovation is no easy task. Get familiar with office refurbishment costs per square metre to set a budget for your project. You have to make many important choices during the renovation process. Your goal is to create a sustainable office for your workers. That’s why you should select natural materials. You have to renovate your office with energy efficiency in mind. Pick energy-efficient lighting for your workspace. This type of lighting will reduce your energy bills dramatically. You will manage to save a lot of energy and money in the long run. But most importantly, your workspace has to be practical. Practical offices motivate people to work harder and do a better job. Ask office refurbishment experts for help. Professionals will help you come up with design ideas and create the interiors that will fit your business perfectly