4. Different Types of Storage Units

There are many different types of storage units to choose from. So how do you pick the storage units that are right for you? You may need it while relocating or perhaps just need to store some extra stuff.

What are the types of storage facilities

There are several different types of storage, from outdoor storage to indoor storage and everything in between. Before you make a decision, you need to understand the types of storage facilities so you can have the storage space appropriate for your needs. 

1. Portable Storage Container

2 men loading portable storage

This type of storage is like a large pod that you can pack up and move around. It could be great if perhaps you’re working with an office relocation company in London but it also comes in handy as self-storage. You might hear this referred to as mobile storage and they simply offer you storage containers that you rent from them. 

2. Climate Controlled Storage

Storage controlled by a climate

If you want the best security and climate controlled storage for more sensitive items, this one is for you. Ideal for things like electronics, art, antiques, and other furniture, these storage units maintain a steady temperature so nothing gets harmed. You can even store your wine here. 

3. Outdoor Storage

Outside storage facility

Outdoor storage might be useful as one of the best ways to pack for moving. You load up your truck and just back up to your storage unit and unload.  You have 24-hour access, which means easy access when you need it. It’s a space to store but there are no fancy additions for protecting your stuff from the elements or pests. 

4. Indoor Storage

Inside storage

Indoor storage is almost like a warehouse full of extra space divided into units. In these places, you typically have a secure location that you can enter out of the elements and keep locked away from intruders. The downside is there is no outside access so you may have to make several hauls in and out of the building if you have a lot of items to store. 

Considerations for Self-Storage Needs. 

What you need to understand most is that the storage solution you choose might vary based specifically on your own storage needs. A business may need something secure and controlled as opposed to something outdoors. 

Storage companies simply provide you with extra space and it’s up to you to find the types of storage that are best for your needs. Remember that there are different types of packaging as well as different objects that are being stored. 

Check out these things as you make a storage choice. 

  • How long will you need the storage unit? If it’s long-term a container might not be ideal.
  • How much space do you need? There are many different sizes to choose from. 
  • Find a space to store that fits within your budget constraints. 
  • Understand the security of the area and the location in general. Will your items be safe? 
  • Check out what others are saying about storage units and their quality. 
  • What do office relocation companies use and rely on?
  • What items will you be storing and how protected do they need to be? 

The qualities and prices of storage units in London can vary drastically and there are a lot of elements to know and consider. Before you choose a storage unit space, be sure you know what your plans are and what you will be storing. 

Whether you’re a business or an individual trying to set up storage for your items, there are a lot of great options out there. Which types of the storage unit will you choose?