What Does It Cost to Fit-Out a Shop?

Starting a shop can be a great way to enter the retail business. The average cost of fitting out a shop ranges from £5,000 to over £50,000. The shop fit-out cost will depend on the size and type of shop you plan to open.

Cost Breakdown

Shop design £2,000 – £5,000
Shop construction
£10,000 – £50,000
Equipment and furnishings
£3,000 – £20,000
Signage £500 – £5,000
Barista standing in front of Coffee Shop

These are just some factors you may need to consider when opening a shop. The total shop fit-out cost will depend on the size and type of shop you plan to open. It is best to consult with a shopfitting company to get an accurate estimate of the overall cost of the project.

Factors impacting shop fit-out cost

Several factors can impact the fit-out cost of a shop, such as:

1. Shop size

The larger the shop, the more it will cost to fit-out. You will need to pay more to utilize the available space fully. In some cases, you’ll also have to spend extra for large sets of matching furniture

2. Shop location

Fitting out a shop in certain parts of the city will cost more due to the price of local labor as well as the availability of supplies and materials.

3. Type of shop

coffee machine

You also need to think about the types of products you’re planning to sell. If you’ll be focusing on high-end merchandise, you will need to spend more on the fit-out of your shop to create a suitable impression. Most kebabs operate as takeaway unlike coffee shops you will need tables and chairs.

4. Shopfitting company

The shopfitting company you choose will impact the shop fit-out cost. Do your best to shop around for as many quotes as you can get before committing to a specific company.

5. Shop equipment

The type of equipment you need will impact the shop fit-out cost. For example, a fish and chips shop will need different shop equipment than a restaurant. Some types of businesses are inherently more expensive in their fit-out costs.

6. Shop signage

Your shop signage will impact the shop fit-out cost. A simple sign may cost less than a more complex one. You should also think about expanding your marketing presence at some point.

8. Shop layout

Your shop layout will also impact the shop fit-out cost. A larger shop with a more complex layout will cost more to fit out.

9. Shop lighting

Chef inside a Kebab shop

The shop lighting you choose will also impact the shop fit-out cost. LED lighting costs more than conventional fluorescent lighting but uses less energy and lasts longer.

10. Additional shop fit-out costs

Additional costs such as air conditioning or security systems may not be listed here. Be sure to ask your shopfitting company about all potential shop fit-out costs.