Things to do in London after work

You have finished work, and you have a few hours to kill. Well, worry not because London has several exciting and stimulating activities that you can indulge in to pass time. Whether you were visiting London for a business trip or if you’re a local there, we have curated a list of exciting things to do after work when you’re off the clock.

What should I do with my free time after work

In London, there’s a lot that you can do to ensure that you spend your free time wisely. Sometimes you just want to do something better other than talk about the long day you just had. Whether it’s in the company of a few friends or alone, here is a list of places you can visit and activities you can do to enjoy your evenings in London.

  • Enjoy after-work drinks
  • Pass time at the museum
  • Enjoy a calming evening walk
  • Time for some coffee and culture
  • Explore different cuisines
  • Have some craft beer
  • Visit the pillow cinema
  • Enjoy some contemporary art
  • Relax at the park
  • Rock through the night

Enjoy some after-work drinks

With a few hours to spare, you can meet up with your pals and chat away over a few drinks. Whether you’re into gin or perhaps some cocktail, you’ll certainly find several cocktail bars serving a variety. There are several pubs and bars where you can enjoy after work drinks in London with incredible happy-hour offers and a chilled-out vibe like Scarlett Green, Magpie & Stump, The Alchemist London, and Barrio Angel among others.

For an immersive Gin& Tonic experience, The Distillery is somewhere you should consider. Another alternative is the Holborn Dining Room where you can go on a quest to find your favourite among the 30 tonics and 500 types of gin available.

The British Museum in London UK

Pass time at the museum

A nice evening at the museum is certainly one way to enjoy your free time. You will especially love it if you are fascinated by culture and different iconic collections. From the National Gallery to the National Portrait Gallery, there are several museums where you can have a chilled evening. For some modern art displays, then the Tate Modern is an ideal spot. Even more fascinating is the fact that these spots are open till either 9 or 10 pm.

Pub in London

Have some craft beer

Is there anything more relaxing than some cold craft beer after a long and exhausting workday? The Bermondsey Beer Mile is an ideal place to start. Here, you’ll come across the Southwark Brewing and Fourpure where you can find unpasteurized and honey-flavoured beer. Not to mention other hotspots in Camden, Hammersmith, and South Bank where you can enjoy a wide variety of lagers.

Enjoy a calming evening walk

If you want to enjoy some fresh air and a calm time, a nice evening walk will do the trick. There are several places to go for that soothing walk after work like Hyde Park, Green Park, Wandsworth Common, and Kensington Gardens. Not to mention the various London pavements which give quite a conceivable theme.

Time for some coffee and culture

Be it the winter months or any other time of day, coffee will always be a must-have. For a nice cup of coffee after work, you can visit some cafes in London like Bar Italia or the Camera museum which also happens to be a small museum for cameras. With most of these cafes staying open until 7 pm or beyond, you’ll certainly enjoy your evening. Of course, you can always have a bite to go with your coffee.

Explore different cuisines

With the cultural diversity in London, you’ll certainly come across various cuisines that you can explore after work. The various restaurants reflect this in the unique and tasty food they have to offer. For a savoury English breakfast, the Wolsely and Regency Cafe are some of the spots you should try.

For some delicious Indian cuisine, then Punjab is the go-to place. And who doesn’t enjoy some nice steak? For this and more, The Pig and Butcher, The Grazing Goat, and The Guinea are some of the joints you can try. For the sweet-toothed vegans, Ruby’s of London and Vida bakery do not disappoint with their vegan cakes.

Building of Tate Modern

Enjoy some contemporary art

There are several places that you can visit to enjoy some breathtaking exhibits. An ideal spot would be the Tate Modern which is usually open till 10 pm on Fridays. Not to mention the beautiful view of the River Thames you get to enjoy upon visiting the upstairs cafe.

Hyde Park garden

Relax at the park

London has several parks where people can relax or even work out after work. This includes Hyde Park, Green Park, Wandsworth Common, and the neighbouring Kensington Gardens. Regent’s Park is yet another place you can visit if you’re looking for things to do in North London. Whether it’s on the weekend or on those lazy evenings, you get to clear your mind in either one of these beautiful spaces.

Live concert at Roundhouse

Rock through the night

With London being one of the world’s music capitals, you can make a point and some of your favourite shows after work. You can catch some live music at famous venues like Roundhouse, Ronny Scott’s, or Academy Bristol. If dancing through late-night is among the fun things you fancy, these spots will undoubtedly not disappoint.

From the above, it’s evident that there’s a lot of things you can do in London after work. Whether you want to grab a bite or perhaps share a drink with your buddies after work during the week, there are many options to choose from. Of course, there are several other activities you can engage in like taking a swim, enjoying some nice dinner, or perhaps treat yourself to some good old afternoon tea. Either way, there’s an activity for everyone in London.