14 places to enjoy after-work drinks in London

After an exhausting day at work, it is normal for everyone to try and find something to relax and ease their minds. Some choose a movie, a date perhaps, grab a drink out with some friends, or even alone for the more adventurous. Luckily, there are many places where you can enjoy after-work drinks in London. From bars to pubs, explore the different parts of London you can consider.

drinks in glasses

If you’re indecisive when choosing a suitable venue for your after-work drinks in London, here are some of the best London bars to explore.

  • Trailer Happiness
  • The Coborn
  • Bounce
  • Lamb & Flag
  • The Mayor Of Scaredy Cat Town
  • Vinoteca
  • Magpie & Stump
  • Dirty Martini Monument
  • Bar Termini
  • Four Quarters South
  • The Sterling
  • Fam

1. Trailer Happiness

When looking to escape the noisy streets for some hours, this is the den for you to hide out and clear your head. The place is filled with quirky decor and the mid-60s atmosphere makes you feel at home. Enjoy the innovative cocktails at the cocktail bar and expect a good time.

2. The Coborn

Visiting this local gem of the people of Bow or Mile End is one thing you should include in your list of things to do in the evening after work. The place is cheerful and great for reminiscing the events of the day. You can do that as you enjoy a bottle of fine vintage wine or any craft beer option. It’s the perfect spot to unwind or catch up with friends.

3. Bounce

A fun laid-back evening is guaranteed here. This venue is best when visited together with some workmates or friends perhaps. The ping pong tables ensure you are all occupied while the drinks keep pouring in thanks to the diligent staff. Most people would commend this place for their pre-order service which allows you to order drinks even before you arrive.

4. Lamb & Flag

This is one of those places you visit after a decade and still find them looking how you left them. It’s one of the best places to spend your evening after a long day at work. Over the decades, history continues to pile on the walls of this great place.

There is always a great story being told somewhere in here when enjoying your after-work drink. You can spend time upstairs if you are up for a quiet night. You can also enjoy one of the many delicious dishes served here.

5. The Mayor Of  Scaredy Cat Town

This appointment-only American-style underground bar is sure to give you a memorable evening. The irresistible array of craft beer and delicious cocktails is the pride of this joint. The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town is an ideal spot to take your mind off the office.

Wine bar Vinoteca

6. Vinoteca

Most wine lovers in London are quite familiar with this place. The ideal wine bar, Vinoteca has made it their mission to ensure there is a supply of good and affordable wine. The best part about this great selection is how affordable the wine and delicious food are.

So, if you are around and looking for a good time, this is the spot to stop by and quench your pallet with some good wine. Coming on a Monday is highly advised since nearly all the bottles are sold at take-home prices.

7. Magpie & Stump

If you’ve been planning to get a delicious cocktail with some of your buddies and can’t decide where to go, worry no more. Book yourself a table at Magpie & Stump.

The pricing for most of their items, including craft beer, food, or even the signature cocktails is affordable. It’s one of the London bars that will give you a memorable time while being gentle on your pockets.

Dirty Martini

8. Dirty Martini Monument

If not for the unbelievably generous deals during happy hour, then you will love this place for the exquisite martinis served here. With a DJ present, this is the perfect place to enjoy or unwind after a busy day at the office.

9. Bar Termini

Who doesn’t like a nice chilled cocktail right before dinner after having a long day at work? Seems like the perfect evening. This place is always flocking with customers yet always quiet because of its size which also gives it an elegant atmosphere. When here, be sure to try out the Marsala Martini.

Crate Brewery pub

10. Crate Brewery

There are several fun things to do in North London and its neighbouring areas including exploring the craft beer scene. If you are a craft beer lover looking for a new hangout to spend the evening, then it wouldn’t hurt to try Crate Brewery out. The best part about this place is the great outdoor space and the wonderful pizza.

This is the perfect place to grab a cold craft beer with some pals and perhaps even reflect on the day. There is never a dull moment in this place.

11. Munich Cricket Club

Are you in the Victoria area and looking to have a great time, or possibly just an after-work relaxation joint? Munich Cricket Club is the place to be. It has that party atmosphere so if you are looking for a wild night, you won’t be disappointed. You can also go and enjoy a calm relaxing craft beer or cocktail.

12. The Sterling

If you are looking for some after-work merriment, you might as well visit one of the best locations in the city. It’s found at the base of the Gherkin, one of the most iconic buildings in London. This place is just perfect for some after-work drinks with colleagues. The bar serves a wide variety of drinks and some mouth-watering meals.

13. Fam

Stepping into this place, you already feel at home. It is one of those places that have that neighbourhood joint feeling. The friendly faces at this place will take your mind off work with their lively chatter and make those after-work shots even better. If you stop by, try the fam margarita, you’ll wish you had come here sooner.

14. Four Quarters South

A visit to the Four Quarters South will transport you back to the youthful arcade days. The nostalgia craze at this place is just out of this world. This is the ideal spot to get distracted with the numerous games and wide variety of drinks served. Grab yourself a cold craft beer and try to beat the high score.

Highlighted above are some of the best places you can enjoy after-work drinks in London. Whether you have company or not, the different venues give you a fun way to end your day. You get to enjoy your post-work pint at a super central location and have the time of your life. The perfect way to unwind.