How much does it cost to move a safe

The average cost for moving a safe in the UK ranges from £400-£1000. The cost depends on a few things, including the safe’s type, size, and weight, how many steps are required to lift it, and whether a crane is needed. Always use a professional mover when moving anything as large and heavy as a safe. Attempting to move a safe without proper equipment and training could result in serious injury.

Cost to move a safe

It’s important to keep in mind that these are merely estimates and that your actual cost may vary somewhat depending on the factors listed below.

Type of safe Cost
Small £125-£250
Medium £250-£400
Large £400-£600
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Delivery charges

These are also based on size and weight and start at around £100.

Type of delivery Cost
Local move £100-£250
Interstate move £400-£1,000
International move £2,000+

Factors that can affect the cost of moving a safe

These are a few other factors that can affect the cost:

1. The type of safe

There are three main types of safes: home, gun, and commercial. The type of safe you have affects the price of the move.

2. The size and weight of the safe

The size and weight of the safe will affect how much it costs to move. The larger and heavier the safe, the more it will cost.

3. Professional service

A professional mover is always recommended when moving anything as large and heavy as a safe.

4. The number of steps involved

The more steps involved, the more expensive the move be.

5. If a crane is needed

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The cost is higher if the crane is required to move the safe.

6. The distance of the move

Costs are going to go up proportionately to the distance travelled.

7. The type of move

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There are three types of moves: local, interstate, and international. Local moves are the cheapest, while international moves are the most expensive.

8. Accessibility

The cost is higher if the safe is located in a difficult-to-reach area.

9. Insurance

Most professional movers include insurance in their quotes. If they don’t, you may need to purchase it separately.

10. Additional services

Some companies offer additional services such as packing and unpacking, which add to the cost.