What is the cost to move a pool table

The average cost of moving a pool table within the UK is £120. This includes separating the table and putting it back together in its new location.

Here at Evolve Relocation, we do not move pool tables as a stand-alone service and if your office happens to have one we would be happy to move it as part of the office removal services.

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You may have to pay more if you need to move the table a long distance. The price will also vary depending on the size and weight of the pool table.

Moving a pool table across the country could cost as much as £1700. This is because when hiring a professional company to do the job, they will charge by the hour. If you are moving the table, you should factor in the cost of renting a van or lorry.

Pool table moving costs within the UK

Types of pool tableSizeCost
Small pool table3ft x 6ft (1.2m x 2.4m)£120
Medium pool table:4ft x 8ft (1.8m x 4.6m) £200
Large pool table6ft x 12ft (2.7m x 5.5m) £1000
Antique pool tableAny size£1000 and up

Pool table moving costs across the country

Moving a pool table across the country will be more expensive than moving it to another room in your house. The average cost to move a pool table cross-country is around £1700. if you plan on hiring professional movers. This price includes the cost of putting the table together and taking it apart, as well as the cost of shipping.

Types of pool table SizeCost
Small pool table3ft x 6ft (1.2m x 2.4m) £1700
Medium pool table1.8m x 4.6m (4ft x 8ft) £2500
Large pool table 2.7m x 5.5m (6ft x 12ft) £5000
Antique pool tableAny size £5000 and up

The cost of moving a pool table will vary depending on the size and weight of the table, as well as the distance that needs to be travelled. Generally speaking, it will cost more to move a large or heavy pool table than a small or lightweight one. Additionally, if the table needs to be moved upstairs or downstairs, this will add to the overall cost.

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Important cost factors for moving your pool table

The size and type of pool table 

If you’re planning to move a pool table, it’s important to consider the size, weight, and type of the table. Pool tables come in various sizes, from small 4 ft. tables to large 8 ft. tables.


The distance the pool table needs to be moved will also affect the cost. If the table is only moved a short distance, such as from one room to another, the cost will be lower than if it needs to be moved a long distance, such as to a different house or city.

Whether or not the pool table must be disassembled

If the pool tables need to be disassembled and moved, this will add to the overall cost. Disassembling a pool table is a complex process experienced professionals should attempt.

The number of steps involved in the relocation

If stairs are involved in the move, this will also add to the cost. Moving a pool table up or down stairs is a difficult and dangerous task only experienced professionals should attempt.

Labour cost

The cost of labour will also play a role in the final price. In most cases, the cost of labour will be £100–£200. The cost of labour may be higher, though, if the move is complicated or hard.

Per-hour labour cost within the UK

Types of pool tableCosts/hour
High-end: £100 – £200
Middle range:
Low-end: £50–£75

Labour costs across the country

Types of pool table Costs/hour
£200 – £400
Middle range: £150 – £200
Low-end: £100 – £150

These charges depend on the company you hire and how many men are needed to move the table. If the pool table is huge or you live in a multi-story house, it may cost more because more people will be required to move it.

4 pool tables
pool table


It’s also important to note that most moving companies require you to purchase insurance for your pool table. This insurance will protect the table if it is damaged during the move. The cost of insurance will vary depending on the value of your table.

Additional costs

There may also be extra fees associated with moving a pool table. These fees can include things like:

  • Parking fees
  • Tolls
  • Permits