How much does it cost to move a shipping container

Moving a container is generally a multi-step procedure. Therefore there are numerous factors to consider when estimating costs. Depending on location, the average cost is between £800 and £1,200 to transport an empty container less than 200 kilometres. Moving a container more than 200 kilometres is not advisable in most cases due to the high cost and potential damage.

Evolve is an office relocation company so we don’t offer a shipping container moving service as a stand alone service. But if it part of office moves then we take care of it. Nerveless here is the cost breakdown for your information.

Cost of moving containers 

The table below shows the cost of moving shipping containers.

Expenses Costs
Professional Movers £480 -£600
Transportation £240 -£325
Storage Fees £120- £200
Total cost: £840-£1,116

Note: These prices are for 20ft containers. Prices differ for other sizes of containers.

Container handler is loading container onto a truck

The cost of transporting a shipping container depends on the specifics of the circumstance. These are just some general costs to consider when budgeting for your move.

Considerations affecting the average cost of moving containers

A few factors can affect the cost of moving a shipping container.

1. The container size

Larger containers cost more to move than smaller ones.

2. The distance you are moving the container

The further you move the container, the higher the cost.

3. The type of container

Standard containers are the most common and the cheapest to move. Reefers are refrigerated containers and cost more to move. Flat racks are containers with no sides used for large, heavy items. These also cost more to move.

4. The number of containers you are moving

Moving multiple containers usually be cheaper than moving one since the cost can be split between multiple containers.

5. The time of year

Moving containers during the summer is usually more expensive than during the winter.

6. The type of move

A move might be either local or long distance. Local moves are usually cheaper than long-distance moves.

7. The route

The route you take to move the container affects the cost. The shortest route is usually the cheapest.

8. The mode of transportation:

There are three modes of transportation for moving containers, lorry, train, and ship. Lorry is the most common and usually the cheapest. The train is usually more expensive than a lorry but cheaper than a ship. A ship is the most expensive but can be the only option for long-distance moves.

9. The cargo:

The type of cargo you are moving affects the cost. If you are moving dangerous cargo, it usually costs more to move.

10. Special circumstances:

Some special circumstances can affect the cost of moving a container. The cost is higher if you move the container over a bridge or through a tunnel. If the container needs to be unloaded and reloaded onto another mode of transportation, the cost also is higher.

It is best to contact a professional mover to estimate how much it costs to move your shipping container. They can provide a more accurate estimate depending on the specifics of your case.