Benefits of office relocation

You may think that relocating your office following a period of growth for your company is just a necessary and time-consuming evil. However, there are many benefits to moving your business, from improving productivity to attracting new clients.

Relocating offices can help give your company a major shot in the arm. If you’ve gone through a period of prosperity and need to expand your premises to suit your services, moving to a new space works as a real manifestation of your success. Companies should always be looking for ways to improve their services, and there are many ways that an office move can enhance the day-to-day operation of your business. So here are benefits of office relocation.

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If you do decide to go forward with an office move, you will likely need help at various stages of the relocation process, including planning the move and physically transporting supplies to your new HQ. At Evolve Relocation, we can take care of both of these processes on your behalf, and much more. As part of our office move services, we can not only move all of your furniture and equipment, but give you access to an experienced project manager, who will create a detailed plan to help ensure that the whole operation runs smoothly.

But why move in the first place? Here are four of the main ways that an office relocation can benefit your brand.

1. Cost savings

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Whilst the fees involved in an office relocation may set you back temporarily, moving office could actually be a financially savvy decision in the long run. The most obvious reason is that operating costs in your new base may be lower than in your current workspace. This doesn’t just apply to the overall lease, but additional expenses like insurance and maintenance.

A move to a new office with better facilities can enable your staff to work at a higher level. For instance, offices with exposure to natural light can reduce eyestrain and headaches, which can help improve productivity. Similarly, workplaces with poor ventilation can significantly impair brain function, which will have a negative impact on your staff’s efficiency. Ultimately, if the productivity of your staff is being hampered in any way, it could be the difference between your business turning a profit, or losing money.

2. Enhance your brand

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Employees and clients can tell a lot about your company’s identity by how your office looks. For instance, creative agencies often favour an unconventional, kooky office design to represent their values, whilst more serious companies would likely prefer a more formal office layout. Depending on what kind of company you are, making sure your office design aligns with your brand identity is vital.

For instance, if you want to give the impression you run a business where employees are encouraged to be imaginative and collaborate with each other, then having a communal area where they can convene and work together is essential. If your office simply doesn’t have the space for this, then it may be time to move on.

Additionally, you might want your office’s design to incorporate the colours within your brand’s logo or design scheme, in order to boost brand recognition. However, companies in serviced or shared offices often face restrictions on how they can decorate their workspaces. If this is the case for you, moving to your own space can help you bring your office in line with your company’s identity and enhance your brand.

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3. Better use of space

As your business and team grows, so does the need for more space. A cramped office has a seriously detrimental impact on your staff’s productivity. Research has revealed that a lack of space can increase stress amongst staff, and giving your employees varied spaces to work and relax is the key to getting the most out of them.

If you’re serious about growing as a business and fulfilling your potential, then an office move can be the catalyst for further progression, by allowing you to employ more staff and take on more clients. Contrastingly, moving to smaller premises may actually make more sense for your company, especially if you’re stuck in an oversized workspace that is not proving cost-efficient to run.

4. Attract talent and clients

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A more attractive and convenient location can help you entice the best talent to your company, otherwise, you could be restricting your access to the workforce. This may leave you struggling to find new staff with the right skills and training. Certain areas have access to more skilled workers in specific industries. Establishing your business in a university town, where you are guaranteed a steady influx of skilled, eager graduates looking for their big break could help you fulfil your need for new staff on an annual basis.

5. Improved Office Location

Ensuring your office is also conveniently located, with a wide variety of public transport links, can also make it easy for you to find new hires, and for clients to attend meetings. Your current location may be putting people off from even applying to your company in the first place. Likewise, moving office can bring you nearer to clients, strategic partners, and suppliers.

Here you go these are some of the benefits of office relocation you could get.