7 Common office fit-out mistakes to avoid

Office fit out mistake happens. So when it comes to employee satisfaction and creating an outstanding impression on either your clients or business partners, then office fit-out plays a very significant role. That is why learning from the following curated top fit-out mistakes will help you prevent from one.

For any business, it is important to consider your fit-out project as an investment other than just another business expense. Therefore, it is essential to choose an office fit-out that contributes towards the maximum utilization of resources and ultimately the success of your business.

As a result of poor planning, you are likely to make plenty of mistakes when it comes to choosing the best fit-out for your business. So, what are some of the common mistakes that can be avoided?

1. Inadequate planning

Employee are packing an office

As mentioned earlier, proper planning is something that would come in handy when choosing the right fit-out for your office. Last minute planning can cost you dearly. Some of the problems you may encounter as a result of poor planning include the following:

  • Incurring unplanned for expenses
  • Choosing the wrong fit-out company 
  • Planning the fit-out within the wrong timeline
  • Choosing the wrong fit-out design

All these can be avoided if you carefully plan at the right time.

2. Working with an incompetent fit-out company

Whether it’s after a simple office clearance or you are moving to a new location, getting a reliable fit-out company guarantees you a less stressful process. From the beginning to the end, you will be having the necessary professional guidance, thus ensuring everything is planned accordingly.

3. Poor budgeting

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Proper budgeting is very crucial when planning an office fit-out. You certainly want to avoid any unwarranted expenses that may arise amidst the exercise. To avoid any overflowing costs, it is essential to ensure that all costs are clearly broken down and that you hire a team that can improve your workspace without necessarily breaking the bank.

4. Choosing a poor layout

small office room

One purpose of an office fit-out is improving your work area into a functional space. Choosing the wrong layout will mean that there will be inadequate space within the office. You should be able to achieve a professional working space that motivates the productivity of your employees. The layout should also be suitable for your business.

5. Poor lighting in the work space

Good airflow and proper lighting are among some of the things that influence employee productivity levels. Whether it’s artificial lighting or natural lighting, ensuring that the office has adequate light is important. Having large windows and rooflights is one of the modern fit-out ideas you can implement to ensure you have adequate natural lighting and also your electricity bills will be reduced considerably.

6. Failure to consider any prospective growth of your business

Modern large office

When choosing an office fit-out, it is essential to consider the impact it might have on the future of your business. Your fit-out should be able to accommodate any future growth of your business. The space should be flexible enough to accomodate any potential growth and expansion of your business.

7. Failure to involve the employees

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Employees are very important when it comes to choosing a suitable fit-out. After all, the aim is to create a space that will motivate the productivity of the staff. By involving your employees, it will be easier to establish a functional space for your business and you’ll also get to know what works for them. 

When planning either an office relocation or refurbishment, it’s important to choose the right team to work with when settling for the perfect fit-out design. Working with the right relocation company or fit-out company guarantees you your dream office. It all starts with a good office fit out checklist.

It is also an exciting experience especially if your employees are also actively involved. Avoiding the above office fit out mistakes will make it easier for you to achieve an enjoyable and functional working environment. With Evolve Relocation, you get to work with an experienced and diligent team whose main aim is customer satisfaction.